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2110 “UNO of the Future” Time Capsule

You are invited to contribute–artifacts, written materials, contest entries, and/or clever ideas–to a new “UNO of the Future” Centennial Time Capsule for the entire University of Nebraska at Omaha community. Each of seven supporting groups will have its own container: one for students (12x12x48″), and six others (12x12x24″) for faculty, staff, administration, alumni, and two community groups (donors/contributors and schools/partners). A public “last glimpse” of all contents will be on display in the Criss Library in March 2010, until the 100-year placement in April 2010.

Unlike most time capsules that are designed to capture–and preserve–significant aspects of the present time and culture, this effort is intended to encourage participants and supporters to speak directly to members of the University and the Omaha community in 2109-2110. It will be a way for individuals of our community to leave a legacy of thought as they look ahead to the future. The focus will be on the community (and its education, environment, businesses, culture, media, philosophies, and toys) in 2110–as we envision it, and have hopes for it, today.

Of course, we do not expect the Centennial Time Capsule project to be solely serious in tone or approach. For example, we are featuring a contest, soliciting ideas for items that are $20 or less now but are predicted to have a high monetary value in 2110. For each constituent group, the 2110 Committee will select three of the nominated items; those items will be purchased and on display at the Criss Library in March. Anyone who attends the exhibit will be encouraged to vote for the items (one per group) that he or she thinks will have the highest monetary value in 2110; comments and rationale will also be captured in a variety of media. At the appropriate time, all items will be enclosed in their respective capsules, along with information about the person who submitted the idea and which items won.

There have been other attempts at time capsule projects on the UNO campus, but almost all of the previous capsules have been buried underground. Contents of those already opened deteriorated significantly or were ruined because of water seepage into the capsule. The 2110 containers will be different. They will be made of heavy steel, sealed and welded to be airtight, filled with nitrogen to reduce oxygen deterioration, and placed above ground in an interior wall of the newly constructed Mammel Hall. Other measures are being taken to ensure proper archival quality of the contents. All materials should therefore be in excellent condition when viewed during UNO’s bicentennial year.

You are encouraged to submit items and/or writings to enclose in the capsule–and post comments and suggestions on this blog page, which will be replicated in one of the capsules. We request submissions no later than March 5, 2010, so the 2110 Committee can organize the materials prior to the Criss Library display. Watch for details!

Add contest ideas to this blog or e-mail me at

We’re also on Facebook. Search for “University of Nebraska at Omaha 2110 Time Capsule.”

Send items or writings to Suzanne Sollars, 419 Allwine Hall, UNO, Omaha, NE 68182 (e-mail me to arrange drop-off of items, if local). Make sure to include your e-mail address, autobiographical information you would like to include in the capsule and identify your capsule group (student, faculty, staff, administration, alumni, community – donors/supporters or community – schools and partners).


Total size of each capsule is 12x12x24” (student capsule is 12x12x48″) so the items must be small; several other items will be included in the capsules. Items should follow the overall capsule theme of “forward-looking” NOT simply archival. You can include autobiographical information (about yourself and/or your business; no more than 1 type-written page) to include with the item you submit.
Best types of items to donate:
1) One-of-a-kind (rare)
2) Things that people in 2110 may not see in pristine condition otherwise (things we use frequently yet tend to throw away and it would be unlikely someone [not even a manufacturer, business or museum] would have saved).
3) Toys, novelty items, things that show the humor of our generation.
4) Folk art
5) Items that will likely have changed substantially because of technological advances, but are items people are not likely to save.
6) Items specific to UNO (or community partners) that might not otherwise be passed along.
Items not best:
1) Electronic media (tends to degrade and it is not readily accessible for viewing)
2) Photographs (these tend to remain archived already)
3) Items with any type of fluid material (i.e. all should be dry metal/plastic/glass/rock/wood/paper, etc)
Letters or papers:
1) Full submission (including author information and bibliography/reference) limit is 8 pages.
2) Author information, not to exceed one paragraph, should be included on first page. Please do not use a separate page for this introduction.
3) No smaller than 10 pt font and single-sided, may be single or double-spaced.
4) The submitted copy should be handled as minimally as possible.
5) Do NOT paper clip or staple the papers.
6) Submitted papers will be best preserved if printed on archival paper or the highest quality paper available.
7) High quality images may be included, but use archival quality and procedures for image preservation

All submissions need to be received by March 5, 2010. Earlier submissions appreciated and will have a better chance of ensuring their inclusion in the capsule. Send to Suzanne Sollars, 419 Allwine Hall, UNO, Omaha, NE, 68182. Please follow-up with an e-mail to to let her know the submissions were sent.
Mark your submissions as Student, Faculty, Staff, Administration, Alumni, Community – donors/supporters or Community – schools/partners.


The UNO Project 2110 Time Capsule committee is having a contest to select items to include in its time capsule that may be very valuable to those who open the capsule in 100 years. What one item costing $20 or less do you think will have the highest monetary value in 2110? In other words, what is an item that is inexpensive now that will be monetarily valuable in 100 years?

Contest Guidelines:
1) The item must be small (total capsule area is 12x12x24” and several other items will be in there).
2) The item must be able to be purchased locally.
3) All you need to do is submit the item idea. You do not need to purchase it (although you may), but please submit the location it can be purchased.
4) Submit your name and contact information (preferably e-mail address).
5) For each constituent group (students, staff, faculty, etc.), the 2110 Committee will select three item ideas. Those items will be the only ones purchased.
6) In March 2010, there will be a display in the Criss Library of all capsule items. The three submissions from each constituent group will also be on display. Anyone who visits the library exhibit can vote on the one contest item from each constituent group that they think will have the highest monetary value in 2110.
7) The results of the contest, all three items and autobiographical information about the individuals who submitted the items will be included in the capsule.

Mark your submissions as Student, Faculty, Staff, Administration, Alumni, Community – donors/supporters or Community – schools/partners. Submit contest suggestions on this blog as a comment OR Email to with subject line: 2110 Contest Item.
Be sure to include your name and contact information.
Deadline for submissions will be February 26, 2010.

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    Faculty Senate has launched the Whooot! Salute. The Whooots are a way to recognize those folk on campus who excel in a way you would like to recognize. Whether someone has simply done something especially kind, has gone out of their way for someone else, has achieved something not recognized elsewhere on campus, has shown an notable dedication to the campus community or colleagues, or has gone ‘above and beyond’ in any way and you would like to make sure others know.


    1) Write 2-3 sentences why the person is being recognized. This information will be passed along verbatim in the Senate minutes and to the Chancellor.

    2) Write the person’s name, affiliation (department, area, unit, job classification, etc), their contact information (campus address and e-mail) and your name (you will remain anonymous unless you request otherwise, but you need to include your name and e-mail when you write).

    3) Send information to Sue Bishop at

    If you provided an address for the person you have recognized, a certificate of recognition will be sent.

    It may not always be possible to recognize the person the same month the information is received.

    An explanation for the term: “Merriam-Webster’s #1 Word of the Year for 2007 based on votes from visitors to our Web site: 1. w00t (interjection): expressing joy (it could be after a triumph, or for no reason at all); similar in use to the word “yay” W00t! I won the contest.” (and, well, I just liked the three o’s instead of only two).

    Faculty Senate Resolution #2945

    WHEREAS, UNO faculty, students, staff and administrators often demonstrate outstanding dedication to the University and community “above and beyond;” and,

    WHEREAS the UNO Faculty Senate seeks to celebrate the day-to-day accomplishments and strengths of faculty, students, staff and administrators,

    THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate at UNO will implement the “whooot!!! salute” wherein faculty, students, staff and administration will be recognized for outstanding work.

    FURTHER, BE IT RESOLVED that the “whooot!!! salute” will be announced in the minutes of the Faculty Senate meetings, forwarded to the Chancellor and appear on the Faculty Senate blog site.

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Here’s where you will find news and views from Faculty Senate.

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